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Andy Ludwig…


  • Pace Manyung
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    So WACish

  • RiseasUtes

    Vanderbilt averaged 6.29 yds per play in 2018 compared to Utah’s 5.71.  They also averaged 411 yds per game compared to 395 for Utah. Not too bad considering Vandy is a bottom feeder SEC team going against SEC defenses. Scoring was pretty much the same as we were this year.

    • texking

      I think Ludwig will be an improvement. My biggest complaint about Troy Taylor was Moss not getting enough carries. Ludwig should hang around a few years and provide consistency.

  • FtheY

    Wasn’t the old saying HIRE LUDWIG?!?!

    I was all aboard the Sark train, bummed it didn’t happen. However, Ludwig is a solid hire. 

    Went 9-3 this year, expectation now becomes 10-2 with schedule alignment and returning seniors. 

  • Charlie Foxtrot

    Well if Ludwig can figure out that when Moss is running all over the opposing defense not to call 12 pass plays in a row then the offense will probably do ok next year.

  • GameForAnyFuss
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    Reality is, we traded an average OC for an average OC. Anyone who is overly excited – or overly depressed – about this hire is kidding themselves. Not worth getting emotional about, positively or negatively.

    (Unless you’re Pace, of course. Then EVERYTHING is worth getting emotional about.)

    • ironman1315

      And it’s always negative!.

    • Pace Manyung
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      Yep, it’s January, time for kwhitt to hire another milktose “bubble” buddy OC. I’m assuming Ludwig is married to one of kwhit cousins or something….. sigh.


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      • Utesbyfive

        I chortled.

        • Anfernee
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          Pace, any chance you’ll get so sick of it that you’ll stop being a Utah fan? *please say yes*

      • ironman1315
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  • ironman1315

  • EldonBKimball

    Shot for the moon with Sark, had to settle for Ludwig. Not great, but definitely not terrible. Very similar to Utes recruiting process, go for the big names, usually don’t get them, but do get the most out of who they do get. Hopefully that is the case here with Ludwig. This appears to be the reality of Utah football, make more with less.

  • chinngiskhaan

    Andy Ludwig is absolutely a better fit for our players than Taylor was. Andy knows how to call a balanced offensive game. He knows the spread, but he knows how to coach power running as well. Is he going to knock the socks off of college football? Nope… but our offense will almost certainly be better next year than it has been under Taylor (though I would have been fine keeping Taylor, as he was showing progress IMO).

    The more important question is: Who is going to coach our quarterbacks?