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They deserve to lose

but wow I have seen so many swipes on arms and moving charges it’s pathetic. 

  • ironman1315

    Washington needs to be t’d up for throwing the ball away from the ref after every turnover.

  • sweetgrass

    I loved the double foul on the simultaneous block and charge, but at least it wasn’t a targeting on Marquis Blair

    • ironman1315

      They almost did. I coul read their lips.

  • Dante Guardi

    I dont think ive ever watched a Utes Basketball game where they have gotten beat this bad

  • palos_verdes_ute

    Jayce’s body is about 2 seconds behind what his brain is transmitting…

    • I’m not going to hate on the kid though. He gives superior effort on every play. He just doesn’t have the offensive skill set to dominate. If he could develop some low-post moves, he’d be a great player with his level of effort. His defense is definitely there though. Every time they take him off the court, Utah’s defense falls apart. However, tonight they actually played quite well defensively. They held Washington to just 69 points, which is 15 fewer points than they gave up to Arizona and 17 fewer points than they gave up to ASU.

  • Thlete

    Yeah 6/30 from 3 point land isn’t going to win a whole lot of games. That rim got a workout tonight. Regression game after the hot shooting in Arizona.

    • That’s because Washington’s defense is designed to take away their opposition’s three-point shooting. You score against that team by driving to the basket and having a low – post scoring presence.