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Rex Jordan retires

Per his Twitter machine

  • RiseasUtes

    That sucks, I was expecting to see him in the 2 deep.  That injury must have been pretty bad.  Good luck to him, hope he stays and finishes his degree.

    • Puget Ute

      One nice thing is players who medically retire get to remain on scholarship until graduation, and the scholarship doesn’t count against the total. 

  • SkinyUte

    I like to consider myself fairly well-versed on all things Utah football, but I’ve literally never heard that kid’s name before.

    Best of luck to him though.

    • RiseasUtes

      That is surprising then.  The kid is huge and was getting some hype last spring.  He was projected to be a starter or in the rotation based on several reports of how he was doing. Then he got injured and hasn’t been able to get healthy.  I hope he takes another year off and let’s his body heal, then comes back for his Sr year.  

  • Feanor

    He also went by Jeremiah Jordan. He was a JC transfer, DE. Came in with some hype last year but was injured and never saw the field.