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That was sad

Sad face. Poor on so many levels. Hope they bring something more to the hunty Saturday.

  • Washington is a damn good opponent. Their defense is phenomenal. Totally shut down Barefield. Utah only allowed 69 points, but they just couldn’t get anything going consistently against Washington’s zone. Utah has arguably played the top 3 teams in the league in their first three games. Saturday ought to be a win though. Washington State is a terrible team.

  • Utah5410

    I was at the game. I haven’t seen the hungry that out of it in a long time. Johnson is terrible. At this point I hope he transfers. I honestly cannnot believe that K has allowed this team to get so bad defensively. The buck starts and stops with him. He has underachieved in the past and now this. Wish there was something we could do. Sadly we are stuck with him. At least there is no way in hell Harlan will give him an extension.