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Don’t over think the OC thing. I will take a coach sticking with the job

for more than one year over this current constant turnover. The biggest problem is recruiting, player development, and stability a result of the musical chairs OC. These high level OCs can run whatever offense they want, AL is no excepton. Yeah, some guys may be good at one offense, but it’s about execution and coaching up players. Plus, AL was a QB coach.

IMO…Ludwig will be better than what we’ve been seeing over the past eight years. I think we will see an upgrade. I have watched Ludwig run teams during his travels at Wisconsin, Cal, and Vanderbilt (Vandy’s HC is not good BTW)..did a waaaay better job than what we’ve been seeing over the past several years.

Just hope he tells KW to stay in his lane. If Puka Nacua goes to USC (long shot I know),  hope he considers getting rid of Holliday (sp), not just because of that. I am sure AL has a lot of WR contacts. Utes have to start keeping some of these top in-state offense athletes. Of course that is a fans perspective. The WR development has been horrible for as good of athletes these kids are on the roster. Current Nacua, Ennis, TEs, Simpkins, Covey, Thompson, Boyd, etc.

Upside too, he is probably sticking around since he’s come full circle back to Utah for his swan song.

Go Utes!


  • Central Coast Ute

    Ludwig has been an OC for a long time. If he has the kind of season we all hope he does, there’s no guarantee he stays for longer than a year or two.

    • Utah

      This. I’d love to have a string of OC’s for 1-2 years each if they came in, averaged 40 a game then went on to become head coaches. 

    • oc_ute

      he’s a utahn.  coming home is always nice.  i view him here for a long time.  just like kyle has had opps and passed them up