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    So Bill Riley had some interesting things to say on the fUCLA comeback.

    Listened for a bit on a short drive down to the store. I did not realize Utah scored 15 points in the final 55 seconds. I also did not realize Utah’s road record so far this year. A New Hope with this team maybe??

    Now I have said some things about Larry K about how I can’t decide if we are getting his worst or best coaching performances. I kind of feel like the fUCLA win was a youthful new hope on the future. I still think that time table of he needs a tourney appearance next year and a tourney run to keep his job. 

    Riley also talked about how the comeback was probably funner than PVD shot. Which had it’s own challenging aspects.  Happy for PvD I think is the main theme he nearly had the game winner against Zona. Riley always bringing the positive things more to my attention.

  • PlainsUte

    I had a commitment Saturday so I didn’t watch the DVR’ed game until Sunday after I had seen a spoiler final score.  As I was watching there was one point where Utah had 63 points and I thought to myself this game must have gone to OT as I knew the final was in the low 90s.  Instead, they poured in 30 in the last 6 minUtes.  Holy crap!

    It was masterful coaching, true grit by this team, and, of course, just a little bit of luck.

    • BattleGroundUte

      Yes Riley said fUCLA didn’t stop Utah. At the same time that pace of play is on par with a NBA level game. I have to agree with you a lot of grit and no quit. I actually though they would lose to USC but beat fUCLA easily. So kind of surprised by the outcome in general.