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    2019 Pac-12 FB – Returning Offensive Production Rank and %

    3. Utah, 90%

    21. USC, 79%

    37. Oregon, 73%

    44. Colorado, 71%

    53. Washington, 67%

    73. OSU, 62%

    76. Arizona, 61%

    80. UCLA, 61%

    84. WSU, 58%

    103. ASU, 52%

    104. Cal, 51%

    112. Stanford, 45%  

  • chinngiskhaan
    4 12

    That’s great and all, but that is 90% of a pretty mediocre offense.

    im more optimistic about what the other teams lost than anything.

    i honestly don’t expect our offense to be any better than last year, which is fine, so long as we stay healthy we will go to the rose bowl.

    • Anfernee
      7 1

      Ludwig will use Huntley more effectively than Taylor did. Moss and Wilmore will be delicious. Covey, Enis with a year under his belt at wr and hopefully Darren Jones. Bam Bam at left tackle.

      • noneyadb

        Keeping expectations down on Covey. He needed a year to get back into game shape, now having to come back from surgery plus getting back into pre-mission condition? He’s a hell of an athlete, but without somebody to take the load off his shoulders and a QB that can’t throw his guys open, that’s a lot to expect from an undersized slot receiver. Maybe if they had a Carrington type receive to line up opposite.

        Would really like to see Shelley run the offense with Moss.

      • Hammer
        6 1

        It’s so cringeworthy to me when people use delicious to describe things other than food.

    • It was operating very well after the first few games and before Huntley’s injury in the ASU game.

      • chinngiskhaan
        3 3

        Very well compared to what we are used to, but still not amazing. I know it sounds like I’m being Debbie Downer right now, but I promise I’m not. I think this team will be better than last year, but 90% offensive production returning for us is like 70% returning (or less) from a good offense. That’s just the truth of it. That same 90% was returning last year as well. Yes it helped, but we weren’t amazing.

        dont expect a dynamic offense under Ludwig guys. Our offense will win us more games by not losing us as many games. If he was coordinating last year we win against WSU, UW (2nd time), and northwestern.

        • Xanthis

          We wouldn’t have played NW and would have been in the Rose Bowl according to what you said… that would be pretty amazing. 

        • Utesbyfive
          6 1

          40 points a game is amazing. If we can do that consistently, we’ll run away with the conference and have a legit shot at the playoff.

          • Utesbyfive

            Good lord there are some sad sacks here.

          • TheJuggernaut

            In the four games preceeeding the ASU game we averaged 41 points per game. We haven’t seen an offense that dynamic and explosive since 2004.

          • chinngiskhaan

            40 points a game is not amazing by pac 12 standards. It’s amazing for us. Unheard of for us… but 40 pts a game over a span of 4 games or whatever it was isn’t “amazing.” We played some pretty bad defenses.

            at any rate, I think the general tone of my post is being misinterpreted, or maybe I misrepresented myself. I’m not a negative person. I think this year’s offense will make the team better, just not in ppg, or yardage. I think they will control the ball better, hold onto it for longer, make less mistakes, and allow our defense to dominate. I don’t have a problem with any of those things, I think it suits our team to play that way. It’s just how it is going to be.

  • shakeitsugaree