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Mike Hompkins comes in and completly turns UW around. Unreal. Alright no more BBALL talk. excited for spring game and a 8th or 9th whatever it is straight win against the zoobers. 

  • astUTE

    Yes, Yes, Yes!

    I realize that everyone is trying desperately to end the basketball season and move on, but if UW can land a coach that turns an afterthought program into a first place program in one year, is it possible for us?

  • Trailgoat
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    That ship has sailed for Larry. The only people he recruits is the P12 media, and the has been coaches and players who know him as a player from golden years in the NBA. His less than impressive coaching record and resume is overshadowed by the good old boy network of retired basketball players afraid to break code and speak the truth about his coaching performance. UofU once again is financially chained to an under performing basketball coach.

    • bopahull

      We could and DID have a lot worse coaches. We are pretty much sure we aren’t going to let him go anytime soon. Let’s hope he can keep this class and add to it rather than replace it. I am going to continue to support coach K and the BB program. If he retains this years team we could start next year playing much better. 

    • AZUTE
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      Larry went from 6 wins to the sweet 16 in three seasons. He’s rebuilt Utah once he can and will do it again