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At the Masters… Tiger has the Lead

With 3 holes to go Tiger is -13 

4 others at -12

  • Basketball Junkie
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    Tiger now -14, 2 stroke lead after 16.  Tiger has the lead and is hunting them down!


  • BattleGroundUte

    Tiger won 14 year drought ends. Makes me feel old remembering his last win.

     Finau did really well. 

    • Tony

      Historic, to say the least.

      • BattleGroundUte

        I am not a big golf guy by any means. In fact I hate to play the sport but I tuned in to watch the 17th and 18th hole. Molinari really blew that final round. 

        The rim shot for par and then the final tap in for the walk off win was cool though. 

    • FtheY

      I had the exact same thoughts. Finau will get one soon enough, its fun to cheer for the local guy.

      Read a really cool article about Finau years ago and how he played on the little par 3 in rose park that’s no longer there. 

  • UrbanLiar

    I’m at The Masters this week. Today ties the Sugar Bowl and Fiesta Bowl experiences. Followed Tony & Tiger on holes 2, 12, & 16 plus 60,000 of my friends around 18 green. I’ll always remember the look on Molinari’s face on 15 as the pine cone landed at his feet and he just stood there looking up at the branches he hit. It’s amazing how 60K people can be perfectly quiet at the same time. Wow!

    • Tony

      Very cool.  I’ve been to Augusta 3x.

      • UrbanLiar

        Here at Augusta w/Roger Graves. He’s a big fan of your father BTW.

        • Tony

          Ha. Say hi to Roger.  Do you work with him? I’m a big time golfer (or was until my shoulder surgery 8 weeks ago).

          • UrbanLiar

            Roger’s a good friend. There’s a small group of us that attend The Masters. I asked him if he knew you through your other golf media efforts but I instead found out he knew your entire family. Nice surprise.