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    Noah Myers was the 5th best…

    Olineman in the spring at WSU, via 247’s WSU homepage:


    Before Osur-Myers missed the last three practices, he was the top performer on the second-string offensive line this spring, according to CF.C beat writer Braden Johnson”

    “He was the most consistent guy on that No. 2 o-line at right guard,” says Johnson. “Being on the second-string probably has something to do with Jarrett Kingston, Cade Beresford and other young guys improving and just being good athletes. But it was also surprising to me he didn’t get a look on the first-string offensive line because he was the best performer with the 2’s all spring before missing last week.”


    Not bad…

  • whitlessham
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    • well typically there are not a lot of starters in the transfer portal. It’s typically full of players that are looking for playing time. So getting the best of the non-starters on a pac-12 team that, incidentally, we are playing is not so bad. Hurts their depth and helps ours.

  • EagleMountainUte

    I feel like it is the media buzz. Utah was pretty damn close to winning the PAC. Players took note and see what they return. Maybe this is the difference maker so to speak. Utah gets a little leg up. 

  • BD

    Well, Washington State typically has good pass protection. So maybe he has good skills in that – something that Utah could use.

    • EagleMountainUte

      That is exactly what I hope for. Wazzu has had some underrated Oline blocking.