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Larry B

What would you rather:

Mique Juarez comes in and adds depth at LB or a place kicker transfer who you can count on to make 70 percent of his FG’s inside 45 yards?

I think I’d have to go with the kicker. With the style of football Whittingham likes to run, I’m really nervous about the possibility of not having a kicker who can’t hit outside of 25 yards.

  • darklightning

    I’m going to put my rose colored glasses on and say UCLA helped us fill both! 🙈🙉😂👍🏻

    • Larry B

      Yeah I hope the kicker from UCLA is at least average. We just don’t know a lot about him yet.

  • RiseasUtes

    70% from 45 yards isn’t very impressive.  I think we will get that from any half decent kicker.  70% from further than 40 would be a weapon though.

  • chinngiskhaan

    I think we will almost get 70% out of our kicker, that is pretty average.

    • utefansince79

      70% of FGs within 45 yards would be a significant drop off from what we’ve experienced the last few years.


      • chinngiskhaan

        meant to say almost certainly get at least that

  • EagleMountainUte

    I would take depth at LB. Riverboat Kyle for the Championship please. 

    • FtheY

      I have more confidence in Ludwig’s 4th down calls by default due to his experience. IIRC, it felt like Taylor got a little too cute sometimes. 

      • UteThunder
        2 1

        Agreed about Taylor, but have you forgotten the triple reverses and other cute plays Ludwig would call when he was here?

        • Brettski

          I had forgotten, and now I’m remembering.  And now I’m sad.

        • EagleMountainUte

          Fourth and one..Decoy Asiata up the middle triple reverse fake pass for a five yard loss. 

        • FtheY

          I actually do not remember those. However, it’s apples and oranges as I was a much more casual fan back then and didn’t watch the game the way I do now. I’ll have to keep an eye on that this year. 

          • EagleMountainUte

            Many a fire Ludwig chant on the east stands with those calls. Then BJ would run the quick 2 minute drill and move the chains. 

            I really hated the Louks packages as well. Ball in BJ hands was always the best. It was almost like his injury made him better in the pocket as well. Mentally he knew he couldn’t fall back on his legs. 

  • PhiladelphiaUte

    Definitely would go with the Kicker.  But I guess it really doesn’t matter what we “prefer”.  We get what we get, and Juarez looks like a pretty good “get”.