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    Ute recruiting updates?

    I guess recruiting news is now D.O.A until late fall ? 

    Utah has one commit and dead last in the PAC 12 at this moment.  I get that kwhitt has a this new strategy of getting commits late in the year but it concerns me that this will backfire one of these times.

    Any recruit interested in signing with Utah? … Bueller….Bueller   


  • ironman1315

    Youve done the same thing every year at this time and every year utah improves its recruiting. Can you just not be you for five minutes?

    • whitlessham

      So…no recruitment updates.  got it

      • Duhwayne

        Your messages were recruiting updates? Mostly seemed to be you repeating your favorite baseless theme.

  • CaptainUte
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    I’m not worried about the late recruiting push strategy….just like I’m not worried about the Byu game. Seems to work out year after year after year in Utah’s favor.

  • Onlyu

    Huh? Both Coach Whit and Coach Ludwig were on the 8:30ish flight to Orange County last night. Coach Shah is recruiting a camp today as well as just about every other coach on staff somewhere. Prime evaluation season and yes…plenty of kids want to play for the Utes next Fall.

    • whitlessham
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      I have no reason not to believe Ute coaches are  knocking on a lot of doors. But no commits 6 months into the year?

      I find it hard to believe kwhitt is turning away top talent simply because it doesn’t comply with his long game strategy.  kwhitt needs to win some of these early battles and not be satisfied with disgruntled leftovers late in the process.

      While I don’t expect half the class to be filled by now I would expect a couple of wins on the board.      

      • whitlessham

        So sad no response.

        but typical for the utehub drones

        • Hammer
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          The psychology of an anonymous internet troll is interesting. I have trolled many times…but have not attempted to degrade the entire board to which I was posting. It must be tough being a BYU fan these days. I have empathy for your situation. The upside looks marginal, the downside looks vast. You have my condolences on your once great program.

        • ironman1315

          If you don’t like it here, you could just leave and go cheer for Michigan. They have great recruiting rankings and haven’t achieved all that much more than Utah.

      • Hammer

        The NFL draft spoke loud for Utah’s recruiting and will speak even louder next year. How easily we forget the ability of K-Whit to turn out top level talent regardless of your coveted star rankings. Maybe he knows some things that you don’t.

  • AgouraUte

    Sign up for 24/7 sports Ute zone. Lots of updates going on

  • Central Coast Ute

    It’s early dude. Being in last place right now means nothing.

  • Guido

    Oh my gosh!  Oh my heck!  We haven’t recruited any good players!  We are going to have a football field littered with subpar talent!  I should go find a different team to cheer for!  What ever shall I do?!?  I am SOOOO thankful that you brought the dire nature of our team’s situation to my attention!