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    Do our tickets to the TDS game include Frontrunner and UTA bus service to the game? Has anyone done this? Does it save a ton of time? If not, where is the easiest place to park/escape from after #9?

  • chinngiskhaan

    Front runner doesn’t go anywhere near LES. You would have to take a bus from the front runner station, and the bus is not very frequent.

    If you park by brick oven or the practice facility and head south when you leave you will avoid the non freeway traffic for the most part.

    • tedward

      Actually, the new UTA express bus goes from the UVU Frontrunner stop to LES. It runs every 10-15 minutes, and is pretty smooth. I have no idea how croweded it would be on game day, or how late the train runs that night, but the route is pretty easy on non-game days. I don’t know whether your ticket works as your fare (I doubt it does).

  • UtMtBiker

    It’s just awful in general. Best plan offs to drink a few celebratory beverages in any p lit near by and wait it out. Good luck.

  • ProudUte

    Some of my BYU friends say the Frontrunner is the only way to go.  They park at a station in SLC and take the train to the game.  They tell me that this is much less stressful getting out of there post game.


    • chinngiskhaan

      If you do decide to take the bus from the frontrunner station at UVU, it will likely be 99.5% Utah fans taking either one. People in Provo IE BYU fans don’t believe in taking the bus. Provo spent a crapton of money fixing up roads to include a bus lane that goes from the important places in Orem to various spots in Provo, and very few people use it… and I’m pretty sure it’s free from certain places. They would rather drive, park 15 minutes away, walk, and be stuck in traffic on the way back.

      Seriously though, if you do drive to the game, park near Brick Oven or the practice facility. I’ve been to 50+ BYU games (long story) and parking there we almost never had to deal with more than a minute or two of traffic (until you hit the freeway of course… so yeah, do fruntrunner if you can swing it).

      • GameForAnyFuss
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        Well, yeah, of course fans of BYU-P would rather drive and sit in traffic instead of taking the faster, cheaper, more environmentally friendly option. I mean, isn’t that the whole reason why you buy a GMC Yukon in the first place – so you can sit there idling in traffic, burning 2 gallons of gas per minute, the brood eating PB&Js in the back 4 rows while “Frozen” plays on the overhead screen? It’s the ultimate Utah County dream.

        • whitlessham

          lol – This is Pulitzer prize worthy


        • EagleMountainUte

          I think that is everyone in the west.  California with its snarled traffic. Utah is fast approaching that level as well where it is totally f**king pointless to go anywhere on a normal weekday between 4-7 pm. 

        • Chidojuan

          Image result for homer shudder gif

      • Hoo Ray Who?

        Came across this thread searching for Frontrunner info for the game next week. UTA’s website is not terribly helpful (aside from letting me know where to get off) and instead of starting a new thread…

        Does anyone have updates on this? Headed down to Provostan on 8/29 and really do NOT want to drive.

        any updated info is appreciated!
        Thanks and GO UTES

  • dwainegf

    I am leaving a car at the Orem Frontrunner lot on Wednesday. I will take the train down on Thursday and park at the University Mall to catch a shuttle to the game. I will then catch a shuttle to my car and drive home after the game. I do not trust that the trains will be available after the game and do not want to be stranded in Utah County.

  • Hoo Ray Who?

    I’ve been tweeting at UTA to find out for sure. Follow me @mattybumbo if you want to monitor things. Otherwise I’ll be the guy in red trying to bum a ride out of the bubble 🙂

  • Hoo Ray Who?

    Update: UTA just replied to me, stating that they will have two trains at Provo station for northbound service after the game.

  • loyter

    Here’s the scoop. The University of Utah has signed a contract with UTA to make tickets to any sporting event at the U work for a free fare the day of the game on any part of the system, including FrontRunner.

    BYU has no such contract. So your ticket to the event is no good as fare, however, UVX, which runs from Orem Central Station and UVU directly to LES (and beyond), is always free. UVX is a BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system with limited stops and dedicated lanes and traffic signal prioritization, so it’s actually pretty efficient at getting you there – potentially faster than a car, if traffic is heavy. According to the schedule, it’s about an 18 minute ride from UVU.

    UVX Schedule

  • Hoo Ray Who?

    Thanks Loyter! So it sounds like the best bet is to get off at Orem Central to get to the game, and then bus back to Provo station for the return trip?