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    interview with JB

  • UtahFanSir

    On point…well said. Love the focus.

  • Grimmetal

    Quiet focus. I love it. Playing their sound bytes in the weight room? They talk, we work.

    • EagleMountainUte

      The laugh after that statement. Very very telling. They consider it a joke that tds thinks their equal with them. They probably laugh their ass off at tds’s obsession

  • BD

    Interesting that the team has noticed that BYU has been talking. I know OnlyU mentioned it – so the staff knows it. And Blackmon here mentions it.

    I love it. BYU players and fans talking is the worst thing for them. It increases the “chip on the shoulder” for the Utes. Stupidest thing for BYU to be talking and have the Utes take notice. Stupid. Stupid. It only increases the motivation for the Utes and increases the Utes advantage.

  • Ma'ake Kava

    As soon as I saw those quotes from Provo, I knew they were going to be turned into motivational material.

    Blackmon’s take is *exactly* what Whit & Scalley were thinking.

    Football culture & leadership starts at the top, then to the coordinators, the position coaches, and then into player leadership. The best teams are where player leadership takes the mantle.

    The truth is we played like crap the last 3 games. We have unfinished business.

    Blackmon is right – it’s one game at a time, and we have a different path than they do.

    But it just so happens the next game up is them again, in Provo, next month. The players all know we didn’t show up the last time we played them, and they took it to us, up 27-7. We can’t let that happen again.

    No shortage of motivation and effort, this summer. That’s a great sign.

    • PhiladelphiaUte

      I hadn’t seen those cougie quotes yet.  What were they saying THIS time?  I’m that it’s hilariously delusional.

      • GameForAnyFuss

        I haven’t seen them all either. I do know the BYU-P QB said no defense can stop them and he expects to score on every drive the entire season.

      • Central Coast Ute

        It was their media day. It seemed like all they could talk about was Utah. I’m sure it’s on YouTube or something.