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    Jaylon Johnson

    How in the world did Ute coaches convince Jaylon Johson to play at Utah?  Whatever was said must be used as the script at landing difference makers.

    Honestly, I’d like to know the backstory on  what mad him chose Utah.

    He was a top rated player from CA. (4*  .9650 and the 81st ranked player in the country) – that’s almost always a non starter for Utah

    He wasa  highly sought after black high school athlete – typically that’s a big fat no for Utah  

    He is not conncted to Utah or mormonism – nope, forget about it



    Again, whatever Ute coaches said or did must be studied and replicated.   



  • Grimmetal
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    Whatever it was, he’s also put in the work to become a top NFL Draft prospect. I have a feeling he’s out after this year, especially with a first round pick grade.

  • Utah5410

    Two words – Shah and NFL. Kid is very smart both on the field and off. He’s already graduated. And is working on masters. He did his homework and looked past the stigmatism that Utah gets and looked at the facts. How utah with far less talent develops secondary guys into the NFL. As far as development I think Utah is one of if not the best university to get some ready for the NFL.

  • Central Coast Ute

    From what I understand, and this is probably 5th hand information so take it for what’s it’s worth, but it makes sense to me. He was looking to go to the NFL ASAP. USC was his first choice in a school. Utah came in and told him look, we send DB’s to the NFL. come here and play right away (at SC he was probably going to redshirt). Play for us for three years and go to the NFL. He did his homework and made the right decision. Utah was a quick and sure path to the NFL. He had a goal and a good goal at that and he made the right decision to achieve that goal as quickly as possible.

  • Your optimism is infectious.  I bet you are great at parties.