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    its really time to shut out the hype now. We still have EVERYTHING to prove.

    the national love is objectively good for the program and the brand but the projections dont mean a thing. Its crazy how quick we went from playoff sleeper to no longer a sleeper in prognostications. We are down to 33-1 to win it all. from 100-1 (where i got em 🙂 ). Same odds as Florida UW and Oregon.

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  • EagleMountainUte

    The team yes. The fans?  No don’t tell me how to be a fan. 

  • UtMtBiker

    There is zero down side to the hype besides fans having their heart broken.  The team loves it and will take confidence into the season.  Kyle won’t let them quit working.  We know that.  

    I’ve said this before…no team that has ever won the national championship that went into the season without a ton of hype.  There isn’t a such thing as a sleeper national champion. Not saying that we are going to win but you have to be at that level to have a chance at all.  The hype is a good thing. It gets you a better starting position in the race and more respect from voters.  

    • PhiladelphiaUte

      Didn’t Auburn win the NC back in 2010 despite heading into the season without ANY hype?

      • Utesbyfive

        Well, they’re a blue-blood program, so…

  • Hellhound152

    rbmw263, tune out the noise buddy!  Focus hard!  Maybe they will let you carry the flag when the team runs out of the tunnel.  What position do you play again?  I will look for you on the two deep!