2010 vibes.

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        Ute Fan

        All week, I’ve been having 2010 TCU vibes. I was at that game on row 2 of the NEZ. I stayed overnight in the tailgate lot to go to Gameday.

        So today came around and I was truly thinking that we would get rolled. I decided to go out around noon with the wife to run errands. We started listening to the pregame on 700 in the car, and ended up listening to the first quarter in the car as well. I knew pretty quickly it was over. I must admit I did not watch one second of the game.

        We have to acknowledge a couple of things. I love our pig farmer, but it’s clear why he was a PWO. Losing Lander Barton was huge, and the middle of the field was open all damn day. Oregon is a superior team this year. Bo Nix should be a Heisman finalist, if not the winner. They are without doubt a playoff caliber team.

        There’s still a bunch of football to play. I think we could legit win all but UW, and end up 9-3 which would be amazing given the state of the injuries on this team.

        We’ll all be imagining what could have been without the horrendous injury tally this year.

        Love my Utes.

        We should never again allow ESPN Gameday to come in here for a day game.

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        2008 National Champ
        Ute Fan

        We should never again allow ESPN Gameday to come in here for a day game.

        It’s pretty hard to convince your team that they are underdogs with a “chip on their shoulder” mentality when they are getting daily reminders of how good they are. If anyone was motivated in 2010 or yesterday it was the visiting team(s).

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        Ute Fan

        Utah is just out of players. Also, the oline has been a turd on fire all year.

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          The Miami Ute
          Ute Fan

          That’s probably the biggest disappointment for me. Thinking that having pretty much everybody back would be a plus, but it hasn’t turned out that way. The Ducks added four new guys to their OL and it’s worked for them in a big way.

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