A couple random roster questions

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      Can Rising: I know he can’t play this year, but looking forward to next, what has been the general feel on his play so far? Sounded like the reviews coming out of Texas were that he looked really good as a freshman. Has he impressed? Is Shelley better? Anyone have any insight o that?
      Mique Juarez: does he have any shot at playing this year? I’m assuming no because you never hear his name, but he could obviously plug a big hole at LB.
      Bronson Boyd T-Boney, and TJ Green: I don’t think I’ve heard their names mentioned at all in camp and they are all guys I thought would be in the two deep after spring. Are they injured?

      Also Maxs Tupai, haven’t heard his name either. It’s been all about Tafua. Is Maxs good to go?

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      Cam: No clue
      Juarez: Pretty sure he is still working on graduating from UCLA before coming here. He won’t be available this year.
      Bronson Boyd moved to corner IIRC
      TJ Green, I heard he was doing well. I also heard rumors of a knee injury?
      Maxs Tupai has been mentioned plenty. He and Tafua should both play a lot. I’m no insider, just summarizing what I’ve heard this offseason.

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      Ute Fan

      1. Cam – Same
      2. Juarez will be there next year
      3. Bronson Boyd – will be in 2 deep, will play more next year.
      4. To green – hurt his knee. Not long term. But not involved in fall camp right now
      5. Tupai is solid and a starter. They are taking about how improved Tufua is and how he will rotate in.

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      Whittingham announced a while back that Mique Juarez is not with the team.

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        Ute Fan

        Yup, has to finish classes first.

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      Cool. Thanks!

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      Yeah…pretty spot on with the responses above. I’ll add my two cents on Rising. He’s really talented and fits in well with the group. I’ll say this: I love Shelley. He shows up and competes his butt off, prepares every day and is a good player but if Huntley plays the whole year without a significant injury I think Rising will be your starter next year, especially within Ludwig’s offense. If Tyler goes down then it will be tough to win that spot if your in Cam’s situation.

      That’s not a prediction so to speak just a feeling I have. Shelley will have a lot to say about that between now and then and the kid isn’t afraid of anything so I wouldn’t be surprised if he flat out won the job. He won’t go down easily I can guarantee that. Should set up to be an intense Fall camp next year.

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        Ute Fan

        My thoughts exactly.  My concern is that should Rising win the starting job — which I believe he will — we’ll soon be finding Shelley on the transfer portal.  That’s why I think that if the coaches were smart, they’d start Shelley next year in the preseason — to keep him on the hill — then gradually move to Rising up to the #1 spot.

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        i know he had some tough moments last season, probably being thrown in before he was truly ready. But Shelley flashed a very high ceiling imo. Hes got some tools and along with that attitude you mentioned this kid could be very good for us. His future is slept on

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      I love Shelley. He beat BYU almost by himself the last five minutes. That boot fooled everyone. Even the safety seemed to be thinking the ball was dead.

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        That boot fooled me and I was looking dead on st the play. Oscar worthy performance.

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