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        Ute Fan

        I’m ok if Utah has 3 or so losses but still makes it to the PAC 12 championship game with a healthy QB1, healthy RB1, healthy WR1, and the rest of the team generally healthy. I like our chances. Let’s get the P12 championship whatever way necessary then let’s plow through someone in a bowl game on the national stage and keep the momentum going for the program.

        Furlong article for reference: https://www.ksl.com/article/46596219/game-by-game-predictions-for-the-2nd-half-of-utahs-2019-season

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        Ute Fan

        3 losses is too many for this team in my opinion.  Two is the cutoff for me.  I realize that would mean it is a special season, but I think it is very possible this year.

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          Ute Fan

          While it is possible, it is also premature.  There will be teams on our schedule that are better than they are expected to be.  I think 10-2 would be a great season but we would need a great season(void of injuries) for that to happen.  I’m assuming we will end up around the 9-3 mark, anything over that and I will be very happy with the season.

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            Ute Fan

            Correct – look at the schedule and you see atleast  two losses, THEN you need to add the WTF loss. 9 wins would seem to be an optomistic yet reasonable prediction.


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              Ute Fan

              Huntley with a sip of koolaid in the pass protection gets us one loss, plus one wtf loss for a total of two, finishing 10-2. 

              Huntley having to run for his life and start pressing on throws comes down to interception risk and injury risk. 9-3 becomes the ceiling and the postseason becomes tougher. 


              Media Perception for season, ccg, bowl results:

              9-3, lose, lose – same as last year, underachieved

              9-3, lose, win – washington did them a favor by giving Utah an easier bowl, didn’t meet expectations 

              9-3, win, lose – PAC 12 champs checked off the list, but soft conference didn’t prepare them for the mighty big 10, met expectations 

              9-3, win, win – Utah trending up, PAC 12 champs but  have figure out wtf losses, exceeded expectations

              10-2, lose, lose – weak OOC schedule, Washington better, Utes getting better, but how meaningful is one extra win without a PAC 12 championship? Possibly met expectations 

              10-2, lose, win – trending up, the new monkey on whitts back is a championship, Peterson accounts for almost all of whitts postseason losses, Washington better, met expectations 

              10-2, win, lose – Utah has arrived as PAC 12 champs, got beat by a better big 10 team, exceeded expectations

              10-2, win, win – what a season, overachieved

              Perception is an uphill battle. 

              Sooo…let’s just exceed expectations and maybe we’ll start getting some of these guys with Utah in their top 5s to fall our way. This is our next step forward.

              I think 10-2 is the safest route in which we control our own destiny, with the chance for something special.



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        Ute Fan

        One game at a time. Excited for Utah to go 1-0 soon enough. 

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        Ute Fan

        11-1 is reasonable. The prior wtf losses were due to travis wilson being a very mediocre qb. Huntley is much better and the offense should be much better. If we have the offense that was rolling under Huntley before he got hurt then this can be an undefeated team. 11-1 is very reasonable.

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          Ute Fan

          2016- Troy Williams was the QB- Cal and Oregon WTF losses. 

          2017- Tyler Huntley home vs ASU- 20+ point loss.

          2018- NorthWestern- completely outcoached 2nd half. ASU- both o-line and d-line were nonexistent.


          2019- I think UW is going to take a step back. Losing Gaskin is going to be difficult to replace and fans/media are overlooking it.

          Watch out for USC though, they have weapons and an OC that will throw the ball.

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        Ute Fan

        If Utah beats USC, they have equal chances to be a 1 or 2 loss team in the regular season.  Its a stretch, but doable.

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          Ute Fan

          I feel like Utah at USC is a pivot point this season. Many of those players on USC will remember the drubbing they received. It will be a mental jump for our players. Potentially it could propel the whole season in a different direction. 

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