Anybody know what the demise was with Utefans? Heard

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      something about the site owner “monkey” committing suicide….??  Then whoever took over turned it into a political/semi Ute forum. Just curious to know the real story if there is one. 

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      Ute Fan

      Here is my side of the story.

      Monkey had a lot of problems with alcohol. He went through a rough period and made some mistakes.

      I spoke to him a lot the few months before he died. I was “this” close to buying it from him. Then he died.

      The people who run Utahby5 were friends with him/his wife. They are the “old” blood of UFN. They left UFN when it became popular and started Utahby5 and turned it into a “old blood only” Utah site.

      When monkey died, they gained control of UFN and have found themselves in a sticky situation. UFN went rogue between the time monkey died and they took over.

      It would take a lot of time and money to bring UFN back up to speed. And change. And they don’t like change.

      They don’t want to do the work, they need the clicks for money to maintain the site, so it’s devolved into the mess it currently is.

      It’s too bad. I had big hopes for that place, but it’s just spiraled into the mess it is currently. It needs someone to take over, overhaul it from top to bottom and rebuild it.

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        Ute Fan

        TBH, my dream was to buy the site, try to tempt Tony to partner up (as he was just starting this place at the time) and try to do big things with it.

        I think that domain could have been a gold mine. Oh well.

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      I tried to help Chris (monkey) a few times with a redesign and modernization, but it never happened. The site kept going down and I kept reading the users’ complaints about the obtrusive ads, site being down, and such, and I finally decided to build my own rather than getting involved with the mess there. I don’t really know what happened to Chris regarding how he passed. 

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        Ute Fan

        Well you’ve done well with this site so thank you!!! 

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        Ute Fan

        And thank you for that decision!


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