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      Will be interesting to see if that loyalty pays off. Feels like Wilson will Habs the team next season. But I’d love Rose to get some real playing time if only to see if he can play.

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      Not bad…
      Author managed to shoehorn (tds/tspp) name in there four times!

      I do hope that B. Rose can get some significant playing time, for all the right reasons.
      Go Utes!

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        Hadn’t read it, but guessing it’s DNews, then since it mentioned TDS/TSPP.

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      Good for Rose for staying. I hate the transfer portal, especially with QBs. Who knows what his role will be in 2024. Regardless, I wish him the best going forward.

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      I suspect that that most successful QB transfers are the result of coaching changes. Maybe a new coach brings in a new system that is less of a fit or they bring in their own QB. Possibly they follow their coach. Most QBs not getting playing time will simply find the competition just as difficult but adding a restart with everything new. The exception is the very top programs, like Alabama or Texas, can bring in multiple QBs that will be capable of becoming a top 20 QB. In this case, one will fall off and be driven to success elsewhere. Their success excites desperate teams that then begin to chase an upgrade only to find that other than this exception they are chasing unicorns that only pop up occasionally like Love at USU.

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