As much as we like wringe our hands about this 3-0 offense

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      Ute Fan

      It is still 3-0.

      Also Kincaid was good. Like really good. I am interested to see how Rising does without him.

      The other point is losing Bernard is huge. This puts more on JJ and Glover. Puts way more on NJ.

      Yassmin? Where in the hell is he? I felt like he showed flashes last season filling in. Certainly not a Kincaid but he had his moments. I remember reading he was homesick. Which if that gets out it is probably better to just go home. It is hard thing to overcome when you vocalize that. Which is kind of what I see this season.

      Whitt saying NJ doesn’t have access to the full playbook. Well can we give it to him already? I know this is a defensive philosophy. But why not install a game plan through the week that best suits a scheme against your opponent? Maybe you don’t go to plays that NJ can’t execute but he is your guy. You need to win with him. I think watching some of the Weber film it was kind of obvious now. When NJ was told to hand off in the read he handed off then takes credit for the bad read. Or when he hands off and it is a bad hand off. Give him the car keys and let’s play to win. Feels like the biggest difference in new QB take overs at other schools.

      Instead at Utah you get this two qb no full playbook craziness. But like I said still 3-0.

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      The Miami Ute
      Ute Fan

      Hard to believe Yassmin is homesick. I mean the guy’s been in Utah, what five years now? I think that he’s one of those guys who really takes studies seriously, doesn’t look at the NFL as a possibility, and just wanted to get started on the next phase of his professional life. At least that was the sense I got from diving into his story. However, none of that explains why he’s been MIA to start the season. Maybe he’s got physical issues that’s aren’t being made public? The guy’s a beast and should be able to run right through the vast majority of DBs.

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      Ute Fan

      I have hopes that Nate Johnson will be our future. He certainly has athletic skills. He is very fast, but I don’t think he has developed into a great runner yet. He doesn’t break a lot of tackles, lacks total field vision, and doesn’t seem to be able to spin and fake when he is running. I think these skills can be developed. He has started exactly one game. I will be patient as he learns.

      When Rising started in 2021 against WSU, he did not look great (137 passing yards and 32 yards running). Now, look at what he has become. (Rising did play for one quarter against USC in the COVID year, but the WSU game was his first real start and complete game.)

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      Tony (admin)

      Rising targeted tight ends a lot. Yassmin hasn’t been targeted much this season by either of the two-headed QB’s.

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      Ute Fan

      I feel it’s best to let the coaches come up with game plans, I think they are pretty good at it.

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