Bentley vs Huntley – Junior Year Edition

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        Ute Fan

        Here is Huntley’s JR year stats (pre-Ludwig):

        64%, 198 yards per game, 1.3 TD’s per game, 0.7 INT’s per game, 2/1 TD/INT ratio, 60.2 QBR, 7.6 YPA

        Here is Bentley’s JR year stats:

        62%, 244 yards per game, 2 TD’s per game, 1 INT per game, 2/1 TD/INT ration, 72.9 QBR. 8.2 YPA

        JR year, Bentley was a better QB. Double the TD’s, about the same INT’s, 50 more passing yards per game, more yards per attempt. Even the comp % was very similar. 

        Here is Huntley’s jump with Ludwig:

        +9.1 comp %, +23 yards per game, +0 TD’s per game, -0.4 INT per game, +20 QBR, +2.6 YPA

        So, if Ludwig can do half of what he did to Huntley to Bentley, this would be Bentley’s projected stats:

        67%, 255 yards per game, 2 TD’s per game, 0.5 INT per game, 4/1 TD/INT ratio, 82.9 QBR, 9.5 YPA

        That 89 QBR would put Bentley as the fourth best QB in college football. Those numbers are…good. 

        Like possible round one draft pick good. 

        Let’s get crazy. If Ludwig impoved Bentley the same as what he did to Huntley, then this would be Bentley’s projected stat line:

        71%, 267 yards per game, 4/1 TD to INT ratio, 92 QBR, 10.8 YPA. 

        That’s uh…all time great type numbers at Utah. 

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        Ute Fan

        Good insight.

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        Ute Fan

        I’m gothamute and i approve this message.

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        Ute Fan

        Is Ludwig known for helping QBs make a big jump? Has he done this with more than just Huntley?

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          Ute Fan

          Brian Johnson (Utah)

          David Carr (Fresno St)

          Kyle Shurmur (Vanderbilt)

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