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        Notes from his weekly interview (nothing too exciting).

        Happy to be 2-0 as a team.

        The offense did not get things going early and missed a lot of opportunities. We did not play a clean game. He wished he could go out there and play. The game proved we are resilient and we came back and won.

        Cam was the one to tell Nate in the 4th quarter that he was going to be the guy the rest of the game. (It’s interesting that they had Cam be the one to tell him.)

        Nate’s 8-minute drive was a great drive. Mikey was a big part of this drive.

        He told Nate at halftime that he needed to not be tentative when he ran the ball. He told him that the Baylor defense was not afraid of him.

        Glover’s decision on the last TD was a heads-up play.

        The weather was not ideal for playing football. But the pregame IVs, etc. helped the team get ready.

        Things are still day-to-day as far as Cam playing. (In other words – I doubt he plays this weekend.) He said he wants to play, but the doctor has to give his approval.

        He is getting live reps but NO contact.

        We can’t take Weber State lightly. Every year there are FCS teams who upset D1 teams. We need to play our brand of football and avoid mistakes like penalties.

        The young RBs have some “juice.”

        Kump has done great at center.

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