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      Ute Fan

      For those that couldn’t watch:

      Herbie said this game could be a preview of the PAC 12 championship

      He specifically told the east coast folks to stay up and watch this game

      When the end of the season comes, these could be two of the better teams in the nation

      Rice Eccles will be crazy

      Browning is inconsistent, particularly with INTs

      Gaskin has been innefective due to good game planning and mediocre oline play

      Utah’s defense has been lights out

      Rece and Desmond – UTAH!!!!

      Herbie and Corso – Dawgs, in a close, hard fought game

      GO UTES



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      Ute Fan

      Bottom line for this game.
      Receivers and Oline I’m sure have heard plenty about the poor blocking, crappy route running and butter fingers. I personally as a fan will be watching these guys step up to the challenge. Utes will need sacks and plus turnovers to win this game.

      I hope the game does not come down to end of game coach decision-making and strategy. This is one area KW struggles against great coaches and sets Petersen a part from being not a good coach, but a great coach. GA could be a difference maker in this area if KW is not too prideful in looking to his friend for game decision advice in critical situations. Giving up 10 points with a lead in the last minute of a game is all on the head coach.

      Nothing earth shattering here. If Utah stalls on drives because of dropped passes, penalties, and receivers incapable of getting to open turf, Utes lose by two touch downs.

      Go Utes!


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