Enjoy Watching Clark Phillips Play Tomorrow.

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      It will be his last game as a UTE. Even if we win I doubt he plays in the Rose Bowl Again. Likely Doak Award Winner, future 1st round pick. He will be getting ready. But, before he takes off  his jersey, we are going to watch him take out last years top WR Jordan Addison. It’s going to be beautiful to watch. 

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      The Miami Ute
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      Do you have some insider information regarding CP3 not playing in the Rose Bowl? Might not bode well for the Utes. I mean, if he doesn’t play, and I understand his reasoning, why would Kincaid play? Kincaid is also projected as a low 1st rd/high 2nd rd draft pick.

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      Would be dumb to play in a PAC-12 Championship game and skip a Rose Bowl if the Utes win. Makes no sense. Hate this kind of speculation.

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      I really hate the whole ‘sitting out’ thing. I guess I understand, but still…

      Hope they all play for us in the Rose Bowl 😀.

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      The Doak Walker award goes to a RB.  Phillips will not win that award.  He’s not even a candidate.  You’re probably thinking of the Jim Thorpe award, which goes to the best DB.

      FWIW, there’s also the Bednarik and Bronko Nagurski awards that go to the best Defensive Player of the Year.

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      I like the effort but you may be on the sauce.

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      Central Coast Ute
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      I’ll bet he plays if the Utes make the RB. Anything less and he’s out

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      I am out of state and have to watch all my games on t.v. It really destroys the opportunity to witness exceptional corner back play. When Phillips is locking receivers up and preventing them from even getting targeted, he almost never shows up on the screen.

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        Ute Fan

        Yeah, we’ve had a lot of corners disappear in games over the years… in the best possible way.

        I remember wishing Weddle would move back to safety just so I could hear his name called more often… Then there were several others after him, most notably JJ, and now Phillips.

        I’m honestly surprised we haven’t had more big time Corner recruits come our way after the last two stars had such great showings for us. That’s NIL for you I guess… Though to be honest I am excited for Broughton and Vaughn. I think both of those guys together could present a scary combination of speed and length. Vaughn is 6 ft 2, with at least a 6 ft 7 wingspan. If he can get his body under control his is going to be SCARY good. In an article at the beginning of the year Vele said Vaughn is easily the fastest guy on the team. (not sure that’s true, but we know he is very fast).

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