ESPN: How Utah can lose to CAL

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      How Utah loses: Defense-first slugfests are Cal’s happy place.

      Utah is running the ball as much as ever, and at as slow a tempo as ever (128th in adjusted pace), but the Utes are putting up points like a high-tempo team — 30 on BYU, 38 on Wazzu, 52 on Oregon State. Their defense is among the best of the Kyle Whittingham era, too, and this balance has driven them to ninth overall in SP+.

      When quarterback Tyler Huntley got hurt last week, however, the Utes’ win over Arizona State turned into more of an Old Utah win. The Utes suffocated the Sun Devils but won by only a 21-3 margin. Twenty-four total points? That’s Cal’s type of game right there.

      In the four games Cal has played against top-15 teams in the past two seasons, the Golden Bears have won by scores of 20-19 and 12-10 and lost by scores of 19-13 and 17-7. Huntley is listed as probable, but if he isn’t full strength, the Utes could find themselves in exactly the kind of defense-first dogfight that Cal and head coach Justin Wilcox live for. The tighter the score and the slower the game, the fewer breaks the Golden Bears need to pull an upset.

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      Whitt invented the dogfight that Wilcox supposedly lives for. Not worried at all if this turns into a defensive slugfest

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        That’s actually my biggest worry. Cal beat Washington because they turned it into a defensive slugfest. In my view, a defensive slugfest just means that the game will be close at the end and there’s more injury potential, and the possibility of an inexplicable loss. I want no part of that. I’ll take Utah to cover, and starters out by the 4th, please and thank you.

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          I think the big difference between the Cal and Washington game compared to the Cal and Utah game is that Cal had a better offense with Garbers as their starting quarterback. Cal is having a hard time fielding an offensive team with a third string QB and other injuries. 

          If the game is a defensive dog-fight, Utah still comes out on top because not only do we have a stout defense, but our offense is much better than Cal’s offense. Turnovers would be the wild card. 

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        If we had the Mitch & Matt show still going for ST’s I’d be 100% comfortable with a dog fight, but with this years ST play I’d rather not let it turn into a dogfight.

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        Whitt gets royalties for every defensive dogfight.  Well except in the Pac-12 Championship game, I suppose.

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      You merely adopted the defensive slugfest. I was born with it. Molded by it. I did not see offensive production until I was already a man but by then it was nothing but blinding!

      –Coach Whitt…probably

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        Well now I know what I’m watching tonight

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      The Washington/Cal game also had all sorts of other weirdness going on.

      Wasn’t there something like a 3 hour weather delay, and the game didn’t end until around 2am?

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        This Cal team is not playing anywhere near the level it was six weeks ago. Most of that is due to injuries/lack of depth. That Washington game did end around 2.

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      Let’s be honest as Utah football fans, Utes could very easily do everything to lose this game. There’s been 1-2 games like it every year under KW. Not saying it will happen, only that it’s possible. Cal’s defense is legit and has secondary talent much more athletic than Utah’s WRs. Utes should win this one goining away. 

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