Finally getting to rewatch the game after a couple of crazy days

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      Ute Fan

      20 seconds in Caleb Williams is saying “are we happy we are playing Utah? Of course”

      The fact that they wanted to play us, couldnt wait for a rematch and a shot at revenge, makes beating their ass soo much sweeter. If keeping them out of the playoffs by ourselves in the year where they ditched the Pac 12 wasnt enough.

      Something about the extremely loud and c**ky guy, screaming that how he wants all the smoke pijcking a fight going off about how he will f**k you up, ending up unconscious on his back is just so damn satisfying

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      Ute Fan

      My dad was at the game and said all the usc fans their were huge jerks pre game and then slowly disappeared as the game went on. A lot of them were saying “we love the hate, bring it on!” I guess they can’t take the heat just like the usc players.

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      Ute Fan

      Media: It’s really hard to beat a team twice in a season…

      Utah: Hold my bear. 

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      Larry B
      Ute Fan

      Caleb Williams reminds me a lot of Dillon Brooks, the whiny b*tch that played for Oregon Basketball several years ago. Both are just super c**ky douchebags with punchable faces.

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        Extra Medium
        Ute Fan

        Brooks’ flop against the Utes is legendary.

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          Tony (admin)

          I was at that game. It was hilarious. 

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      Ute Fan

      Denying USC the playoff was so damn satisfying. They are B1G bound, so Pac would not have gotten any credit for their successes if they went. So screw them. Hope they become a B1G cellar dweller.

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        The Miami Ute
        Ute Fan

        They will…and Riley will leave shortly before or soon after…and no California athletes will want to play for them because of the hassle of constantly traveling back to the East Coast and playing in freezing weather. Both UCLA and USC looked at this strictly through a money lens without fully analyzing second and third order effects.

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          Extra Medium
          Ute Fan

          People put up with a lot of inconvenient things for $70M a year and they will be in the B1G west which is literally the worst division in all of college football.
          Purdue 6-3 move to east.
          Illinois 5-4
          Iowa 5-4
          Minnesota 5-4
          Wisconsin 4-5
          Nebraska 3-6
          Northwestern 1-8 move to east

          And two of these cupcakes move to the east division to balance thing out. If they don’t make the big 10 championship game every year they will be a complete failure.

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            UofU Fanatic
            Ute Fan

            Extra,  my thoughts exactly.  Really depends how they do divisions etc.  But if they get in the weak west division as is they could at least have a fighting chance at big 10 championship.  And I don’t think Miami right that they will lose top athletes.  They will have plenty NIL etc that the football players, at least, will put up with travel for the other things.  I sure hope Miami is right and they crash and burn though

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            Ute Fan

            Not disagreeing with you Extra, but look for a couple of those teams to take a small step up in the next few years.  Wisconsin (Luke Fickell) and Nebraska (Matt Rhule) just added a couple of guys that know how to coach.  I’m super interested to see if Rhule can pull Nebraska out of the depths of hell.  If Tennesee can do it…

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            Ute Fan

            My understanding is that the Big10 will maintain the east-west division in 2023 and then reconfigure once USC and UCLA come into the conference, which could be a one-conference format. Like the PAC12 has become this past season. The Big10 does want to protect their huge rivalry games that are played each year and not missed. The Big10 is still trying to figure this out and is expected to have a solution by the end of this year. 

            My guess is they will go to the one-conference format in 2024, no more divisions. 

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              Ute Fan

              My understanding is that division will be a thing of the past once the 12 team playoff comes into play.  I remember hearing that multiple times over the past few weeks.

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