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      Ute Fan

      Great battle. Tough way to end it. That was easily the most hostile environment that the Utes have ever played in (the stadium was deafening), and they fought back and had the win right there. The Utes were easily moving the ball on them (other than the goal line, jeez). It was a painful but a good game.

      Speaking of hostile environments, I was surprised at how classless the Florida fans were. I have attended various Utah road games over the years (e.g., Alabama, Texas, Notre Dame, and others). The fans from the other teams supported their teams; they may shout at you as you walk by with a “Roll Tide” or “Hook em Horns.” There also was some good natured ribbing. All fine there.

      I took my family to the game, and the Florida fans were the worst fans I have encountered at any game. They were shouting all variations of “F*&# you,” “F*&# the Utes,” and “F*&# the mormons.” There were many times they were yelling this stuff right at me and my kids. I am not surprised at some of that sort of treatment (every fan base has its crazies), but what surprised me how many fans were doing it. We got that treatment before the game, during the game, and after the game while we were walking to our car. There was a small handful of classy fans who wished us well, but I could count them on a single hand.

      I had one local and longtime fan (one of the few classy ones) tell me that this was the most visiting team fans that he has ever seen. That seems objectively true since the significant number of Utah fans (I estimate 15k+) helped set the stadium record for total attendance for an opener and the 10th highest all-time attendance for any Florida game. He said that even other SEC teams like Alabama don’t even fill in the visitor section to the top. Now I see why. Nobody wants to be around those fans!


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      Ute Fan

      I am thinking the younger/student fans were not the best, but most of the fans around me and my buddy were great. We were in Sec 32 right above the 20 (sigh, had a perfect view to see Cam on the pick). We had a handful of douches pregane, but like 1-2 for every 20 great fans. Definitely some Mormon mocking going on, but I was expecting that, and as someone who no longer is a part of the LDS church, I still found it a little disrespectful, but on par for what I heard when we played tOSU or Oregon.

      I imagine it was probably worse in the actual visitor section as it seems like that is where the UF student section is as well. I am sorry it was a bad experience for you and yours!! It sucks to be belittled, especially when it goes beyond good natured ribbing (which more of what we had in Sec 32). I will say, I found the UF students to be a lot like ours. Most were super nice, and some were even directong us to the fun spots for post gaming, but we definitely caught a handful of FUs as well. We just kind of shook them off, and generally, other nearby fans were apologizing for the others around them. If you had your kids there and they were still doing that, you are right, that is some serious BS! 

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        Ute Fan

        I had a great experience. Sure a few younger guys shouted some dumb stuff, but had a great time before and after talking to and even hanging out with their fans.

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      Ute Fan

      I’m Sorry to hear that as well. Especially around young kids. We did not really experience any really mean fans. Some bad dumb jokes trying to be mean, but they flopped. Overall everyone was welcoming and showed great hospitality. I was however expecting the stadium to be louder. Maybe my hearing is worse than I thought, but it didn’t sound any louder than when RES gets loud, or even LES and certainly not as loud as allegiant got last December. But again maybe that’s me. Safe travels to everyone heading back today. I unfortunately have to be here until tomorrow morning and the day can’t pass soon enough. 

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      The student section was pretty ruthless.  F**k Utah etc.  That didn’t bug me. I thought it was funny. But I didn’t like it when they started hucking water bottles at the Utah bench late in the 4th quarter. 

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      Ute Fan

      Very loud crowd. The fans that are alumni or employed were great to talk to. Every school has an underbelly of strange fans but at Florida it is very visible. The local I was with said even worse is reserved for SEC rivals. Definitely some you do not want to respond to. Makes the PAC look classy.

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      Ute Fan

      I agree not the friendliest fans at times. Some were great and even apologize for the others. I had a few around us in section 16 Florida’s side of the field that were very rude and like I said others that even were saying their fans can be asses sorry. Of course we were sitting right where Rising thrown the pick row 7 sideline. At the end of the game one of the couples right behind us apologized to us for being asses and I was thanks but whatever. She was yelling and F’ing this about Kuithe said get out of his face on one of the late touchdowns and I was just laughing shaking my head at her. Her boyfriend was like don’t p**s her off and I just gave them the look of f’off since it had been stuff like that from them all game long. Wonder how that would have gone if we had won. Of course a lot of the younger coed’s mainly got a little in our face downtown Friday night, and their boyfriend’s/guy friends usually pulled them away and said sorry they had too much to drink. funny how it was really mainly the girls with this kind of action even had a bird finger from one pretty much touch my nose. Oh well overall it was a good time they did get loud in there dang my ear hurt and the UTES did as well with 1/8 or less fans of course. A couple Gators next too us we’re like dang you guy have been the Louis’s fan ever in here thanks for coming. Good to see the UTES representing. GO UTES!

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      Ute Fan

      I am sorry some of you had a bad experience but if you think that is bad you have never been to baton Rouge. Lol

      I heard nothing but good things of the use fans.

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      Ute Fan

      Had no issues with fans on my end. That was by far the most fun road game I’ve ever been to. Awesome atmosphere.
      Just wish we’d win a game like this sometime. Non-con P5.

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