• No doubt you can sense the frustration from enis this year, stemming from his targets or lack thereof. Dude blocks his butt off, but he didn’t come to Utah to block. So I agree, he’s one to potentially watch. But I think it’s unlikely.

  • Amen. Go pac 12 north!… Besides Washington State of course

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    Well Moss being out is a slightly bigger deal than covey. But I agree surprised there has been no thread about Covey redshirting. Imo, if we have somebody that can field a punt, should be minimal impact without covey.

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    Sounds crazy, but I don’t think I truly appreciated how much deficiency/weakness/etc Zack Moss covers up until he went out tonight. Just his presence gives the offense so much more confidence and an identity. I really feel like we controlled a lot of this game, but obviously Pittman not being stopped won USC the game. I thought we could win the…[Read more]

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