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      Utes 69
      Ute Fan

      ugly win last night, no more JJ, he good a one fumble per game! tell TT either get with the program or go home!


      every year Whitt rides a hot player untill they drop and get injured. 


      Oregon 50 to 3 in 3 weeks. 

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      Did you watch how the fumble happened though. Seemed to me like Barnes didn’t hand it off correctly. JJ still could have grabbed the ball, but Barnes was just holding it out there like fruit to be picked off of a tree, which (in my limited understanding) is not how it is supposed to be done. My understanding is that the QB is supposed to shove the ball into the “bread basket” of the runner, and hold on until the runner takes the ball from them.

      I mean, maybe it’s JJ’s fault for reaching out to grab it instead of running toward the ball. I really don’t know. Someone help me out here.

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        Ute Fan

        My view is that JJ reached for it, and that is what caused the fumble. The RB is supposed to run through the ball so that it gets put on their belly between their arms, especially if Barnes was making any kind of read on that play (I don’t recall if he was). JJ held his arms like that but then appeared to reach and grab at the ball with his hands. 

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          Ute Fan

          JJ saw the end coming through untouched and was looking at him (knowing he was gonna get hit) instead of securing the ball. JJ’s fault but the missed assignment up front started a bad chain of events. Really just chalk it up to inexperience as a RB.

          50-3 huh? From an offense that averages about 40?? Yeah good luck with that.

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            Warren Smith
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            I don’t expect JJ to be benched based on that play. His raw potential is apparent. He understandably is still learning to play the position. He runs hard, fun to watch.

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            Ute Fan

            You don’t say…

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      Ghost of the HEB
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      lol you’re implying we’re gonna attempt more FGs?

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        2008 National Champ
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        I could completely see Pac-12 refs coming up with some rule that you only get 1/2 credit on the 2nd safety of the game.

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      Ute Fan

      Bold of you to assume we make the FG 😛

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      Yeah kind of funny how Bo Nix is now saying if they played Georgia today they would beat them…..damn funny I always like BS comments like that way after the fact!! Even last night’s half time commentators was commenting how even if Oregon was to win out it would be hard for them to make the CFP with the 49 to 3 lost. Hard to overlook that big of a deficit and put them in.

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