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      Ute Fan

      Although difficult to embrace from the perspective of fans that wants to see amazing non-conference games, this article nicely explains why it pays to schedule down.

      @Utah has been harping on this for awhile, and I tend to agree. Until Utah is winning conference championships and in the playoff discussion, there is very little reason to schedule tough nonconference games. Don’t get me wrong, I would loved games against Michigan and Notre Dame, and would love to see them again … but there is very little reward for taking the hard road (particularly when the Pac12 has a 9 team conference slate, so there is essentially already a P5 school on the nonconference schedule).

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      Ute Fan

      I agree from the standpoint that the PAC-12 plays 9 conference games and other conferences only play 8 conference games. It’s a huge luxory for them to only play 8, they get way more flexibility in their schedules, they can schedule some softies that basically become an extra bye weeks as they prep for their late season gauntlet.

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      Ute Fan

      Could not agree more. We don’t need to make things harder for our team. We need to establish ourselves as a perennial power, then we can worry about SOS.

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      Ute Fan

      I agree whole-heartedly!   And the place to start is to remove the BYU game, that is if the brotheren in the legistlature will let us get away with it. 

      We have nothing to gain playing BYU, and everything to lose.  They may or may not ever rise to the level of success in indepenendce consitantly enough that a win helps our schedule, but for now and in the near term, they will have our game circled as one of their BIG games, while we are looking forward to our REAL schedule. 

      As witnessed in the last several Ut/BYU games, we end up playing down to thier level, they get WAY up for us, and the game ends up being close to a toss-up.  One which we will inevitably lose eventually, regardless of on-field talent.

      I’m not sure we need to worry, going forward about the injury factor; it seems that since Donko left, we are not being targetted so much, but we certainly don’t need a local BYU boy, with an personal axe to grind against Utah, going out of his way to injure one of our key players on the opening game of the season.

      Let’s get this game off the schedule and out of our hair, until we have progressed from a recruiting, development and coaching standpoint, that we are regularly competing for confernece championships.  Then and only then should we consider restarting the series with BYU.

      Again, this is all dependent upon the Provo boys in the legislature allowing us to cancel the series without state audits.


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        Ute Fan

        Let em audit. What easier way to get somebody out of office than to show the public they’re wasting tax payer money. At this point, the religiouslature would be stupid to pull another audit.

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          Ute Fan

          If only an audit were all that’s at stake.

          Remember, when Larry cancelled the basketball series with BYU-P, they threatened to pull state funding from the hospital. Yes, you heard that right: They (specifically Greg Hughes) were willing to harm sick people over a game of basketball.

          Can you imagine what they’d do if we cancelled the football series?

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      Ute Fan

      Alternate BYU and Utah State. This isn’t complicated.

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        Ute Fan

        This is the answer.

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