Glass half-full look at the USC game… IF it happens

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        Disclaimer: This is also assuming Utah will have all key players available.

        A lot has been made of the fact SC has had two games to prepare for this game, whereas Utah has only had fall camp and a LOT of practices. While this can justifiably be seen as an advantage for the Trojans, there are ways Utah can use this to their advantage. USC has two full games of tape for our coaches to dissect and game plan off of. SC had stretches in both games this season where they struggled mightily. They’ve also had stretches where they looked very good. You better believe Utah has extrapolated what makes them struggle and what makes them good, and they will approach the game with that knowledge. All USC knows is that Utah has the same coaches and a few guys on offense returning. That’s it.

        Britain Covey is healthy again. In the two healthy games Covey has played against USC, he has 11 receptions for 208 yards and 3 TDs. I anticipate seeing Britain closer to his old explosive self against the Trojans.

        By the USC game last year, Brant Kuithe hadn’t emerged yet as the weapon he was the second half of the season. And while SC will no doubt be preparing for him to be a main part of Utah’s attack, I’m not sure they’ll be ready for Brant and Brant 2.0 (Dalton Kincaid)

        The defensive strategy last year was to man up and utilize our talent, but Fink just threw bombs and Pittman Jr made us pay. Screw TDS and all that, but they showed a blueprint for how to beat a Slovis-led offense. You clog the passing lanes and keep him in the pocket. I expect Utah’s Inexperienced defense to follow a similar plan.

        The o-line struggled last year, but will have more experience this time around. Not to mention the amount of ridiculous penalties that were called on them in last years game. They should look better this time around.

        As long as whoever plays QB is smart and doesn’t make catastrophic mistakes, Utah should have a very good chance at winning this game.

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        Good post.

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        Good post, I will allow it.

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        Another thing. I’ve watched both USC games and Slovis looks…off. He doesn’t throw a tight spiral and there is no velocity on his throws. He isn’t the same guy he was last year. I think if I’m Utah I do the BYU approach. Don’t pressure him. We don’t want him hurt. Drop 8 and make him make perfect throws, when outside of two late game throws, he hasn’t been very good. Lots of wounded duck throws and slow throws. 

        There is an opportunity if Utah can control the clock, run the ball, and make plays off playaction to really do some damage to USC. 

        Then, if we beat USC, we 100% want BYU next. To start the season off with two straight wins over ranked teams would be the momentum we need to go into the last week undefeated vs Oregon. 

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          I’ve been unimpressed with USC on both sides of the ball. But I do think we have to assume they will get a fair amount of long throws in simply based on receiver talent. 

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            I think USC plays us much better than they played their first two games.

            Lately USC has really played up when they play us. They used to take us for granted, which came back to bite them. They don’t take us for granted anymore. Instead they seem to take it personally that a late comer with comparatively weak recruiting can go toe to toe, humiliate them, and win the south. Every game against us seems to be a statement game now.

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              Yep we’ve been down this road before.

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