Gobert is gone per woj

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        Good it’s time to make that change. It’s shown the past two years with the early exit of the playoffs. He is too slow to defend the faster O teams. And it showed this year with the Mav’s and especially last year with the Clippers.

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          Ute Dub
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          The reason the Jazz lost to Dallas is Mike and Don going 15 of 73 from 3 and getting torched by Brunson. Two 6’1″ guards in the backcourt proved too small. This one was not on Rudy. 

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        Ute Fan


        I was always team gobert!

        i had dreams of us sending Donovan to Brooklyn for Durant and having gobert and Durant paired together for a huge, long team that could score.

        when will it stop!!!!!!!

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          Ute Fan

          Puff puff pass…

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        Larry B
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        Wow, is it already time for another Jazz “rebuild”? Time really does fly by. I’ll make a prediction now: the Jazz will be a middle to lower tier NBA team for the next few years and eventually grow to be a 1st or 2nd round playoff team. Then it will be time to rebuild again and the cycle will start over.

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