Good statistical overview of this Utah team by beta rank/sharp cfb

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      Ute Fan

      If we can improve in the pass game offensively and defensively, this team has a chance to be REALLY good. Top 10 on both sides of the ball, but sub 30 in pass o/pass d

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      Interesting video.  These stats love our Utes.  I hope they live up to it.  According to this – our closest game outside of Oregon will be Florida.  This is why the Florida game is so important.

      As this guy says, there is a lot of randomness in college football.  A sloppy game could prove costly.  Look back at the Auburn/Alabama game last fall.  Auburn had the game under controi and if the Auburn player would not have run out of bounds and stopped the clock – Alabama would have lost and not gone to the CFP.

      Like this guy said, Utah is good enough to be in the CFP discussion.  However, there is little room for error.  We need a 2008 type of season.


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        Ute Fan

        Ive seen a few models that have Florida in the 20-30 range. On the road in that environment, wont be an easy game. Bama only came away with a 2 point victory in the swamp last year. 

        That was Florida’s only loss at Ben Hill last season.

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          D T
          Ute Fan

          That may have been their only loss at home, but that Samford game was a major loss in many ways.

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      Fixed your youtube video so it embeds.

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      Quite interesting with the exception he has no idea why Charlie Brewer was starting at the beginning of last season. He had concern about the DL and pass rush. I am hoping some of the new options for situational pass rush will be noticed as well as the progression of linemen with another year of development. The LBs will miss Lloyd and Sewell but I am expecting that there will be 6 LBs with not much drop-off from 1s to 2s and 3s with the 1s not allowing a weakness at the position.

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