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      I know most of the Ute fans have had a love-hate relationship with GM and more than a few of you will not read his work. But over the last week or so, he has written two very complimentary articles about Utah football.

      The first article is about development of Tyler Huntley as a QB: Witness here the wonderful Education of Tyler Huntley

      The second piece s i the 2019 Utes: You want to see history made? The 2019 Utah Utes are making it.

      Maybe the Tribune management told the guy to get with it or get gone, because I now the history of Gordo’s writing on Utah. But another option is that he has become a honest to gosh convert. Seriously, to be in SLC to be asked to write about these Utes, to be around this group of guys and the program, and it that does not make you an ardent fan for Utah football, I don’t know what will.

      No need to share with me why you have him on ignore, but at a minumum, read his latest.

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      I read a Kinehack article today that did nothing other than to stir the pot. He basically said that Huntley has been the best QB in the state since Beck. Which don’t understand that comparison other than to irritate people for clicks. 

      Journalism is dead in America GM is on the side that contributed to it’s death. I will not click. 

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      Central Coast Ute

      Ever since his “inside sources” told him Whitt was going to bail for zoobland, GM has been overtly trying to get Ute fans and Whitt himself on his side by writing glowingly about them. This isn’t a new GM. He’s been doing it since that blunder.

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        It is “nice of him to show up.”. The only good thing Boylen ever did was tell him off.

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      Sorry but Monson and Kinehan are on total ignore to me. They have been for many years. That will never change.

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      I’m happy that you are seeing something in one of his columns that you consider positive.  But, trust me, it’s a trap – don’t get sucked in

      Monson, and Kinehan, will never get my attention – ever.  I never listen to the radio station for which they both work, and never read anything they write, anywhere, nor watch any TV programs in which they participate. 

      They are two of the worst journalists I’ve ever read! Neither really understands any of the details of the sports they cover.

      They are all about readership by irritation – say something inflamatory, and people will read, if only to be inflamed!  I’m not a masochist – so I ignore them

      No thanks.  I am so religous about this, that I rarely even reply to a post about either.

      I stopped reading either of them during the Majerus era, and have been very happy and content ever since.

      Journalists like Kragthrope, Dirk Facer, Chris Kamrani, and few others in print, and Bill Riley on the radio, provide valuable content, and plenty of it.  No reason to waste your time and psychological/emotional energy on the likes of those two – avoid them like the plague

      Try it – you’ll happily never look back.


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      Monson is a troll and an obvious one at that. Every article is designed to stir the pot. The success of this Utah team has left him with little to work with.

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