High expectations again

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      I feel Utah football is hyped up more and more with every year (at least these last few) but we haven’t been able to perform as expected in the PAC 12 south. I feel we have a legitimate opportunity to really make a statement this year with all the new Qbs/coaches this year in the south. Yes we have a difficult schedule but with regards to the south I believe we can run the table. We need to play disciplined ball and keep to the script (Im talking about an egg that is layed with at least one of the AZ teams or a loss to expected wins). Any thoughts? I feel our Oline and offense is stacked to really break out. Im never too worried about the D under Whit.

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      We have seen a lot of misfortunes, some were self inflicted, like the offense. Always felt like Chow was the right hire and he damn near got Utah there first season sans USC eligibility. That was with Hays and a serious talent deficiency at most positions.Wilson was a great QB but I think he lacked development for the most part and lacked a chohesive offense. BJ was promoted too soon, bad hire with Christensen and then guys who were not ready after that. You have Troy Taylor like guy in 2014 or 2015? Who knows maybe it happens sooner.

      I think people have really unrealistic expectations about Utah football. We are pretty spoiled under Whitt and we should be grateful for the quality of football currently being played. There are a lot of things going against Utah and Whitt does exceed my expectations. 2018 and 2019 with Tuttles future are something that can give us hope. 

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      Something that helps, is that for the first time ever, we have depth everywhere. 3-4 RB’s. 8WR’s. Close to 9 OL. 5-6 DT. 5-6 LB. 6-8 CB. 3-4 S. 

      QB and DE are the only questions and while we lack experience, there is talent. Huntley is great but Tuttle is a true freshman. 

      Anae is great. Can our 4-5 talented kids step up? 

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      If Taylor’s offense can upgrade from the flip phone it was last year to the I-Phone he claimed it to be, then we have a great shot to have a big year(9+ wins) and maybe even win the South. If not, then we will have to settle for 7 or 8 wins which would still be a pretty good year.

      As far as hype goes, I don’t feel like there is ever a ton of hype around Utah football except for maybe 3 or 4 years that I can recall.

      2002 – Players were openly telling the media we would go undefeated.

      2003 – I’m not sure there was a ton of hype, but everyone sure was optimistic about Urban and his “fastbreak on turf” offense.

      2004 – Urban Meyer Act II: There was definitely pre-season hype for this season. IIRC the catch phrase in the off-season ad campaign was “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

      2008 – There was a good amount of talk from back channels that the coaches felt we had a great team and with a couple of breaks could have a special season. 

      Other than these seasons, I feel like any hype around Utah from year to year could be considered as guarded optimism more than hype.


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      Which program doesn’t have high expectations?  It is beyond incredibly difficult to have a team go undefeated.  Yet, we have seen it twice in the Whittingham era.    

      On laying an egg: These are ametures, players can and will lose focus on any given play. It’s one of the reasons I perfer watching college sports over the pros.  

      I know that Utah will have a high quality team and I will be cheering my guts out for them, and it will be fun to see if this year can be extra special.  Seems like the coaches and players feel that it could be.


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      I don’t think we have a better shot this year than any previous years with the exception of last year.  When Huntley was selected as the starter it was clear they didn’t have high hopes for the season and thought we could get 2 steps forward by taking a step back.  I think a lot of the hype this year is hoping that the gamble pays off.  

      No way we run the table in the south. I think we have a shot at the south but I also think tie breakers come into play for whoever wins.  


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        I think we have a better shot than other seasons because of depth. Everyone laments our November collapses, but why does that happen?

        we didn’t have depth. A few injuries and come November you aren’t as good as you were in Sept. 

        Depth will go a long ways towards November’s looking better. 


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