I caught some flack for a post I made about Scalley last week

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      I am a HUGE Morgan Scalley fan and I would love him to stay at Utah.  With the season the Utes are having, you know Morgan will be contacted about other positions.  If the right opportunity comes along, he would have to consider it.

      The way to keep him would be to make him the “Associate Head Coach” and tell him he is the head coach in waiting.

      Also, Ludwing will be contacted.  I hope we do everything possible to keep him.  I am not sure if Ludwig wants to be a head coach or not.  If he is content with being a coordinator, I would offer him whatever it takes to keep him.  He’s been around the block, I hope he ends his career here at Utah.


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      Ute Fan

      Ludwig’s not leaving. Scalley, probably will if I had to guess.

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        I hope you are right on Ludwig.  But, if you were offered the OC at Ohio State and were able to coach all of that talent, would you turn it down?

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          Ute Fan

          I would, but that’s because I’ve visited Ohio before.

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          At this point in Ludwig’s career, yes. He knows Whitt and likes it. He makes over $800,000 a year here and if he got an offer at Ohio State, we’d pay him over $1,000,000. 

          He will retire with Whitt. When Whitt walks away, he will too. 

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      The day Utah loses it’s defensive identity, is the day Utah Football falls off its perch.

      This thing has been building for decades. For the last 5-6 years, anyone who’s been paying attention knows Utah has been a great-to-elite QB and offense away from taking the main stage. Nonetheless, this entire kingdom is built on the defensive identity established by Whittingham.

      Scalley, keeps that identity in place like no other. I absolutely do not believe he needs to broaden the horizons of his experience elsewhere to be worthy of a higher paying HC position. How many coaches have used Utah as a stepping stone? Would the idea of, oh let’s say, Dan Mullen succeeding KW excite you? Look at his pedigree!! Ya know what? The SEC can keep him.

      Utah’s best interest is to keep it in the family and do what it takes to preserve the brand KW has built. Urban Meyer was certainly a major turbo boost for the culture and brand of Utah football, but this thing has been building thanks to KW long before Urban Meyer even dreamed of Bowling Green.

      Morgan Scalley is KW 2.0.

      If Utah screws up the eventual transfer of power, Utah Football will fall from relevance and have a hard time recovering as has been seen with teams like Tennessee, Texas, Cal, FSU.

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        Ute Fan

        Scalley’s horizon is focused on one thing: head coach of the University of Utah.  The ball is not in Whitt’s court. Right now it will be the relationship Harlan forms with Scalley. 

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      Plus AL is from Ogden this is his home…….

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