If USU can make the final 32 …

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      Ute Fan

      Utah State won its conference championship and made it to the final 32 after losing its coach and 13 players. If USU can rebuild in one season, we, too, “should” be able to do it.

      I am not smart enough to know what we need to do, but I believe it can be done. I really thought this year would be a very good year for the Utes, with Carlsen deciding to stay. It was an okay year at best.

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      Jim Vanderhoof
      Ute Fan

      He brought the best point guard and center in the conference with him from Montana State.USU has lots of athletic players. Watching all the tournament games we would be the least athletic team in the tournament. Athletic guards that can break down the defense is a must. Smith was our only athletic player that handled the ball.

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