I’m cautiously optimistic

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      Ute Fan

      I believe we have reason to be optimistic about 2021 football.  However, there are a lot of areas where we are unproven.  For example:

      – We do not have a QB who is proven in this program.  Brewer had a great 2019 season at Baylor.  I am hopeful that one of these four guys can step up and be the QB we have all hoped for.

      – We had a proven running back.  Not now.  We have a bunch of kids with potential, but not proven.

      – The offensive line is a work in progress.  Will they be better?  I hope so.

      – Our DLine was great against the run, but the four-man rush, rarely put pressure on the opposing QBs.

      – Our Dbacks made some boneheaded mistakes.  But, they were young and showed potential.

      So, I am not boarding the hype-train (yet) that gets us to the Rose Bowl.  I think with all the potential that we have – it is possible.  I need to see these guys play before I can jump on board.  I do not want to be like the average Cougar fan who thinks they are top-ten every winter/spring.

      Go Utes!!!

      PS – I enjoy the positive media.  It’s fun.  But, I haven’t seen this team play yet.

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      Chester Copperpot
      Ute Fan

      For what it’s worth, TJ Pledger was Oklahoma’s second leading rusher in 2020 and missed games due to injury.


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      Ute Fan

      All are fair points and indicate there is work to be done.  Lack of a pass rush and other areas of improvement may have been overlooked because we were so fixated on QB and OL.  I think alot of the recent optimism on this board is relatively objective in that it sees 2022 as the potentially great year with 2021 as a growth year.  

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        Chester Copperpot
        Ute Fan

        Agree. In the 2020 rebuilding year, the Utes had the 13th in the nation rush defense and 20th pass defense, with all newcomers in the secondary. That’s pretty damn good and it happened in 5 P5 games, getting a much later start then the rest of the country, with no soft mid majors to pad the stats. That defense looks to return almost everyone and will be formidable. Damn, I wish we had 22 coming back, but Bernard looked pretty good and is sooo versatile because he can run, catch out of the backfield and play slot receiver. I’m always optimistic, but especially right now because the Ute recruiting keeps getting better every year. I can’t believe how good on paper this years recruitng class looks and I have said that for 3 years straight now. 

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        Ute Fan

        I put our win total at 8. I think 2022 os when we should think 10-11.

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          Ute Fan

          I love Utah football.  I love the national scene in college football.  Sometimes these two worlds collide and I think they’re REALLY going to collide in 2022.  That could be a very special year.

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          2008 National Champ
          Ute Fan

          Nothing wrong with 8 wins but I think the schedule sets up nicely for 9. San Diego State should be a good early test and there will be the usual “closer than it should have been” warmup with the parochial school.

          Otherwise, they miss Washington and Cal, get Oregon and ASU at home, they’ve now seen WSU’s new offense, have plenty of looks at UCLA and Oregon State, always play well against Stanford. What’s left? Arizona, Colorado, SC.,, I’m just not seeing an obvious 4th loss, even if you assume they lose to Oregon, ASU and SC.

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      Ute Fan

      I agree that a Rose Bowl next year is probably a stretch, but this will be a good team. Whoever emerges out of both the QB and RB room will have beaten out other good players to win the job. OLine and defense will continue to get better with a lot of young players out there. I wouldn’t say the DB’s made bone headed mistakes, they just got beat sometimes, sadly not everyone is a lockdown Jaylon Johnson, but the young guys at DB tightened up at the end of the year and were impressive at their age. I agree with your sentiments about the DLine, but given our history there, someone will emerge as a great pass rusher, especially with getting a full spring and fall camp this year. There is a whole lot of talent to look forward to, Go Utes!

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        Ute Fan

        Our ability to win close games will make the difference. We will be competitive in every game. We win a lot of close ones and the Rose bowl is a possibility. Lose a few and we have 8-9 wins.

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      Ute Fan

      I really hope 2021 is the year Utah finally gets a win at the Coliseum.

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