I’m not crying, you’re crying

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        Ute Fan

        Go utes! 

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        Ute Fan

        I wasn’t crying until I saw the Sewell family.

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          Ute Fan

          Very special moment

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            Ute Fan

            Am I a jerk for thinking that was a bit low class of Noah to steal away Nephi’s big moment? I mean, instead of Nephi celebrating with his team the biggest moment of his career, he’s instead over there trying to deal with his crying brother. 

            I don’t think it’s good sportsmanship to sit there and cry over a loss instead of congratulating the other team and just getting off the field and to the locker room.  Especially when it prevents your own brother from having his celebratory moment.

            End of rant. 

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              Ute Fan

              We don’t know why he was crying. Not sure what his NFL situation is, but I assume that was his last game for Oregon. That’s not a bad reason to cry. Good on Nephi for supporting his brother.

              It did seem a bit like his family was pulling for Noah to win… but that’s just from a few shots they showed.

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                Ute Fan

                Yeah that’s what it seemed like as well. They probably grew up not being Ute fans like the Nacua family. So might be hard to let old habits die.

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                Central Coast Ute
                Ute Fan

                I thought so too. They were sitting with Oregon fans. Oh well. Nephi is playing for the best team in the conference. The Sewells seem like good people. Noah should have a long NFL career.

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              2008 National Champ
              Ute Fan

              Nephi comforting Noah was almost an exact replica of Penei comforting a crying Nephi after 2019. I thought the cameras spent way too much time on it but I certainly didn’t feel like Noah was trying to steal the show.

              If there was one Oregon player who did everything he could to change the course of that game, it was Noah Sewell. His emotional reaction after all of the promise Oregon’s season had less than two weeks ago doesn’t really rate on my scale of crappy things Oregon players did.

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        Charlie Foxtrot
        Ute Fan

        Yeah, the sun got in my eyes in my basement, with the blinds closed.  That’s why I’m rubbing my eyes.  When Whitt was breaking up in his interview after the game I totally lost it.


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        Ute Fan

        Penei did the same thing with Nephi two years ago. If you’re thinking anything negative about that, you clearly not an older brother (or you’re a really crappy older brother).

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          Ute Fan

          I am a jerk for say this.

          Noah was crying because he got stiff armed by a quarterback.

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        Ute Fan

        I feel for the Oregon coach as well. The same look on his face, yesterday, that Coach Whittingham had earlier in the year, grieving, no doubt emotionally distracted after the double losses of Ty Jordan and Arron Lowe. I wish Cristobal’s mother well, but note the beating he is taking this morning by the Oregon Duck fan base and media.

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