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      Ute Fan

      Nice to see… Something we never did.

      Quarterback Jake Bentley had easily his best game as a Jaguar, completing 24 of 31 passes for a school-record 389 yards and three touchdowns and also rushing for two scores. The Utah graduate transfer hooked up with star receiver Jalen Tolbert 11 times for 174 yards, including a 40-yard touchdown bomb in the second quarter.

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      Gary Sapp
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      Good for him. Ex-Utes deserve our support if they don’t transfer to TDS. Hope he has a good rest of the season.

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        Ute Fan

        Yeah, he wasn’t great for us… but I think we just weren’t a great team tbh. Also, he didn’t have the leadership issues that Brewer had. 

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          2008 National Champ
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          Leadership issues is a bit strong. All that has been reported/intimated is that Rising has a different style of leadership than Brewer.

          When Rising wasn’t running the team any better than Brewer against WSU, there really wasn’t any indication that his style was a better fit. Rising is getting a lot of credit for USC but I would say the team looked better because he completed 22/28 passes instead of any inherent “rightness” in the way Rising interacts with his teammates. If Rising throws up another 12-23 with 137 yards on Saturday in a loss, will he all of a sudden have leadership issues?

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            Ute Fan

            I think the comments about leadership relates mostly to what everyone sees as command of the huddle and interactions on the field. Rising has been much more engaged with conversation on the field. Brewer was much more quiet going about his job. I have always thought Covey was insightful. When talking about QBs he talked about Brewer’s skills but with Rising he also talks a great deal about the person. Last, being elected captain provides a great deal of understanding about how Rising relates to the other players. I think it is much more than different styles. It is possible, however, that due to the nature of Brewer’s departure even more has been read into the differences between the two players. With about 2 and a half games now with each and with Rising taking what I feel is the most difficult of the two sets of opponents, a clear preference is emerging.

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              2008 National Champ
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              I still think it is a case of reading into it what you want to. By your standard, Troy Williams was voted captain so he must have been a better leader than Huntley. Even though the team performed better with Huntley at the helm in 2017.

              Not everyone has the same style. And there are plenty of instances where someone successful moves to a different situation and fails. You don’t suddenly lose your leadership skills overnight. But people are dynamic and what works with one group does not always have the same effect with another.

              Ultimately, if Brewer had been completing more than 60% of his passes at better than 6 yards per while the team didn’t lose two games, this conversation would be moot. The same people claiming leadership issues would be talking about what a great leader he had been. Being a good leader and having less than optimal results are not mutually exclusive.

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