Jerry Sloan passed away

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        Ute Fan

        Very sad even though recent reports the last few days indicated this was somewhat expected.

        Jerry often was seen in the Hunty at Ute games.

        A great player and coach who will never be forgotten by local basketball fans.


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        Ute Fan

        I’m not a Jazz fan and I was pretty critical of him in the final years of his career because it seemed the game of basketball had passed him by and he wasn’t willing to change. But during his heyday, there is zero doubt he was the best of the best and the brightest of the brightest. May he rest easy…

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          Ute Fan

          I’m also not a Jazz fan (sorry dudes, I grew up going to Showtime games) but he was a hell of a coach.  What he did with what he had reminds me of guys like Big Rick & Whitt.  Those guys always got/get the most out of what they have to work with.  And I respect the hell out of that.


          My favorite Sloan fact?  He was from Gobbler’s Knob, IL.  


          RIP, Coach.

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        Tony (admin)

        I was a big Jazz fan during the Sloan, Stockton, Malone era.  It was a great time to be a Jazz fan. If not for MJ that jazz team might have won two championships.  Sloan was old school for sure.  I remember pulling up to a stop light somehwere in SLC while wearing a very nice leather Jazz baseball cap.  Sloan pulled up next to me and looked over at me.  I pointed to my hat and he nodded in approval.  

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        Ute Fan

        Hard nosed, old school, good ol boy. Great coach. He’s one of those guys I really wish could have won a championship.

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