Just imagining here. How would having Smith Sr or Weddle on staff actually work?

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      I think it would be great for recruiting, and at least one of them would be a good coach. I just wonder how it would affect other coaches. For example: how would Scalley react to being the boss of the GOAT Utes defender? Would Weddle and Smith Sr be teachable? Would their superiors have the balls to stick to their guns when questioned by all time greats?

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      I think both would be great coaches, especially Weddle.

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      Depends on what they are hired to do. If they are position coaches, they can recruit like any other and would be answerable to their respective coordinator. I’d imagine Weddle and Scalley would figure it out fairly easily since they have a past relationship. Smith and Ludwig might be a different story but I can’t imagine Whitt signing off on someone who wasn’t willing to honor the established hierarchy. Whether either wants to spend 50-60% of their time trying to recruit high school kids is the bigger question.

      If they were hired as analysts, they can’t coach or recruit. Saban keeps about 20 analysts on staff to review film, self-scout and tell him how great he is. Usually brings in newly fired head coaches for pennies on the dollar since it keeps their buyouts in tact. Seems to work out fairly well for everyone involved.

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