Keep hearing about what a huge loss Thompson is

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      Ute Fan

      If he was that good he would have performed better. 19 catches is something we can replace. It’s loss for sure, but it’s not like teams were going out of their way to plan for him

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      Ute Fan

      Has so much more to do with scheme. Anyone who watches him closely knows he’s easily a 1000 yard receiver on a throw heavy team. His talent was wasted with us, so from a statistic stand point there isn’t much to replace, but he was our best outside WR by a good margin. We have good young talent that still needs development, but Thompson was ready talent.

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      Ute Fan

      I think you can flip that – if we had a quarterback that would take a chance and throw the long ball more often, he’d have better stats. But he caught a helluva lot of balls thrown his way, regardless of distance.

      I agree, his talent was being wasted here. But that sucks, because we NEEDED that talent.

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      Ute Fan

      Are you for real? 

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      Ute Fan

      BT is a huge loss. Dixon is back. But we knew that since last week. Reality is and I love Whit. Love. But, the way Whitt likes to play. Elite NFL are going to be few here. Whit expects them to block and be team first guys. Nothing wrong with that, except most receivers want the ball. BT has been here for four years. Im bummed he’s out. But not surprised. The good news we have elite tight ends with Dalton Kinclaid as well. We will see if thats all we really need.

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      Ute Fan

      I too am quite sad to see BT go.

      His health was the biggest factor in his lack of production.

      I think it’s a fallacy to blame scheme or qbs or whatever.

      He was hurt every. Single. Year. And when he was on the field he wasn’t 100% because he was recovering from whatever ailment caused him to miss time. We never got the full BT and I’m not convinced we ever would’ve.

      The lost potential is a bummer. But his departure doesn’t detract from what we’ve been lately, and that is the most prolific passing team we’ve been since joining the conference. While this is a bummer, it’s hard for me to mourn potential that had years to blossom and never did because of injury.

      I also think that an elite WR talent that could stay healthy could be very very very productive here.

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        Ute Fan

        On another note, haven’t I heard on this board that Dixon got in Dixon’s way from being great? Amd from being more then just a deep threat?

        I bet he’s not being welcomed back by the coaching staff to be the same dude he was before. I bet he’s coming back under the commitment that he’ll work his a$$ off and be great. And he could stretch a field better than Thompson ever could.

        Like onlyu said, this sucks. It sucks to lose talent. But it’s not earth shaking. And I for one am still bullish on this offense amd it’s pass catchers with the returning talent. Covey will still be a beast. Kiuthe will be prolific. Dixon will be a dude. Amd the new dudes are pretty cool, so I hear.

        I’d love to here from @onlyu on Dixon’s prospects for next year since it looks like he’ll be back.

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      Ute Fan

      Kind of suprised by the reaction to your post. I think all of Utah’s wide receivers are easy to replace sans Covey. You can immediately see a drop off with him not in the lineup.
      Now that isn’t saying I think BT and the rest suck or anything but just looking at his numbers it has a lot to do with Utah’s QB this past season. We all watched the 2020 season and saw wide open guys missed. Kuithe being one that probably should have around 10 more receptions and possibly 5 more touchdowns.

      I am sad he left but I think under classman with JD can bring in something new. BT had health problems and I hope he has a 1000 yard year for some team we won’t play in 2021.

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