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  • utah football Next: @ UCLA college football - Sat 10/8 1:30 - Fox TV
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        I agree. The Utes have to start strong and finish strong. A loss to Florida, and the season will start on thin ice, and playoff talk will stop.

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          No weaknesses. 

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        Year after year I hear this:

        “Kyle Whittingham is one of the most underrated coaches in the country.”

        How is this still a thing? Like cmon people. After years and years of success and putting guys into the league he shouldn’t be underrated.

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          They call him underrated only because he hasn’t jumped to a blue blood school.

          What they’re saying is he’s better than most blue blood coaches but it’s not obvious because he doesn’t consistently have the horses to compete with the blue bloods.

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          I think it is because Whitt doesn’t waste time stroking the egoes of these media personalities. Comes in and does his job that is it. 

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          Playing the devil for only one moment :)! To be clear, I am as a big of a Utah homer as all of you. KW and Utah truly stepped into the big stage starting in 2018 getting to the P12 Championship game. 2019 season was the next big step. 2020-mulligan season for college football. 2021-boom! Rose Bowl and now eight months of more national exposure more than ever before the season starts. This is not one week of poll analysis, Utah’s stuck in the college football limelight right up until KO at Gainsville. College football nation will be watching. Recruiting’s up and every national publication has Utah on their top-10 front page. Utah is one of a few schools new to the national scene in the discussion and the Rose Bowl game, the way Utah played is an exponential game changer for the program exposure. My friends outside of Utah watching the RB not famillar with the program other than from me, text, Utah is no f**king joke dude.

          KW and Utah had respect early on, but KW had his struggles along the way. 2011-2017, Utah was 29-35 in the P12. 2018-2021, 25-7. KW faced challenges hiring a credible OC and truly depended on defense to hang on or give up close games. If you told me KW would be in 2021 choosing to take the ball on kick-offs I would of said coach has lost it. Teams now have to figure out how to stop Utah’s off brand hybrid TE offense, and oh yeah, manufacture points against one of the genius level defense coordinators in college football. Did I forget Utah has the #1 student section at one of the toughest places to play in college football. Closing the SEZ made the place an acoustic death chamber for opposing teams. I have been to the Rose Bowl several times with my pops who went to UCLA back in the day. Going to the RB game as a proud Utah alum and fan was beyond amazing. Sucked to lose, but Utah is in the mix people and we all know the Ute boys are going into into the Swamp with a chip on their shoulder. Go Utes!

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