KW’s presser today

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        Handle their business in Tempe.  The defense against the run was excellent.  That was the difference in the game.

        The offense was balanced and we had some big plays.

        Special teams was so-so.

        Kuithe is lost for the season.  He is a huge part of what we do.  Some other guys need to step up.  He is a great leader.  We will miss him.  If Kuithe chooses – he can come back next year. 

        Yazmin will get most of the reps from Kuithe.

        OSU is looking good.  We will have our hands full.  OSU played very well against USC.

        OSU is much like us on offense.  They use multiple tight ends and run a lot.  

        The TOs were the difference in the OSU/USC game.

        Diabate should be back this week.

        Jackson needs to get the specifics of a RB down to get more playing time.  He has only had 2 1/2 days of practice at that position so far.  An entire week of prep will help him be better this week.

        Glover played some good football.  Glover, Tavion, Benard, and Jackson are the top 4 running backs.

        Tavion needs to be consistent and accountable (on and off the field) to get out of the dog house.

        Yazmin has size, speed, and good hands.  He is 6’5″ and 250.  He just needs to learn how to play football.

        The fundamentals and techniques have gotten better with the front 7 since Florida.  The tackles have settled in and done a great job with gap control.

        Says he doesn’t know who else we play in October.  (I don’t believe him.)

        Cole Bishop and the safeties have done great.  We have four good safeties.  What Bishop is doing as a sophomore is amazing.

        Cole could become a linebacker if he puts on weight.  If he gets bigger, they may move him from safety.



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        I’ve been wondering about Bishop’s size and saw that he was reported at 225. Getting Ritchie back should provide the opportunity for Bishop to move forward like Nephi did since Nate/Cole have similar skill sets.

        Getting Fotu back (he looked really good in the short 2020) and pairing him with some combination of Bishop & Barton while having K. Reid, Medlock and perhaps E. Calvert or Tufaga should make 2023 LB’s the strength of the D.

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