Last time we played OSU and some facts

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        Ute Fan

        From a QB perspective, it was one of the weakest performances we ever had.  I remember it being rather stormy. IIRC it was one of Joe Williams first games back from retirement.

        Troy had 42 yards passing on 4/13 passes

        Joe Williams had 34 carries for 179 yards, Butler-Byrd with 54 yards, T williams with 40 yards.

        Mitch had to punt 5 times. One FG from Andy. 


        They played 3 qbs, with one qb going 4/20 passing for 24 yards and 1 interception. Their backup came in and “balled out” (relative to the game) with 5/9 passing attempts for 76 yards and 1 TD. 

        That one was not aesthetic. 


        Current win streak for us is 3.   The series stands at OSU 11 wins, Utah 9 wins, and 1 tie. 

        Hope next week’s game is like the Washington State game where we put another all around great game together. Not worried about this one’s outcome but I wish we had this game this week and the bye week after. 



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        Ute Fan

        The weather was horrible for the game. 

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        Ute Fan

        Ugly game in very ugly weather.  We should have beat that horrible team by 30 points.  Weather can be an equalizer and you can take nothing for granted.  We need to plan for the Beavers as if we were planning for the Ducks,  We need this win and it should not be close.

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        Ute Fan

        Forcast for Corvallis on that day is rain.

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          Matthew Thomas Castleton
          Ute Fan

          When isn’t the forecast rain in Oregon? Does it ever actually stop raining there? Sounds like a depressing place to live really.

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