Lewis? Same guy folks were lamenting about as a missed opp a few weeks back?

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      Is Lewis the guy that everyone was raving about on this board a couple of weeks ago? Wondering where he went, and what happened to him? Saying that he would have immediately been the best player on the field at any time? I heard a lot of regret.

      From the Trib: “Along with Wednesday’s signings, the Utes roster is expected to add 5-foot-11 defensive back Tareke Lewis, a junior college transfer from Riverside Community College in California, and Derrick Vickers, a 5-foot-11 wide receiver, junior college transfer from Bakersfield College in California.”

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      Lewis, the CB from last year, didn’t get his grades in order and couldn’t join the team. 

      Last I heard, he was joining in January. I don’t know if that has changed. 

      Vickers, last I heard, did not qualify and it sounded to me like Utah moved on but Vickers seems to be doing all he can to join the team in Jan. So, who knows there. 

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      One of the recruiting websites had a list of the top 10 Ute recruites by score (e.g. 93.27). I think Tareke Lewis was in the top 5-8 range of all time highest Ute scores for a recruit. So to have Jaylon Johnson (highest ever H.S. recruit to Utah, Bowles was a JC recruit) and Tareke Lewis starting at the corners could prove formidable.

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      Hopefully his grades are in order to join the team in January.

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