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        Ute Fan

        USC looks very good.  It will take everything we have to beat these guys next month.  I think they are a legit top-ten team.

        Washington looked very good last night.  I am glad we don’t play them.  They should be ranked this week.

        Oregon has come back after a shellacking in week one.  I thought they looked great against BYU.  Looks like they may have a very good season.

        WSU is looking very good.  The win at Wisconsin was a great win for them and the conference.  They will not be an easy opponent.

        OSU is also looking good right now and I think they will surprise some teams.

        Many made light of Arizona’s close win last night.  NDSU is a very good FCS team.  I think Arizona is much improved.

        UCLA did not look good yesterday but came away with a win.  They are not a top-50 team in my opinion.  However, they have enough talent to surprise some teams.

        ASU and CU do not look good.

        Stanford is still an unknown to me.

        Our Utes need to improve if we want to win the conference.  I believe we can.  We did last year.


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        Tony (admin)

        We certainly need to improve in many areas. Glad to see we started getting the WR’s involved last night. 

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        Ute Fan

        The top half looks MUCH improved. It’ll gonna be a gauntlet, and I honestly don’t know if the Utes can run it. The spoiled children and Oregon look good. Wazzu and OSU could also take us out. It’s gonna take a season for the ages to come out unscathed.

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